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About Our School


Crawfordsville High School (CHS) is a comprehensive public school for students in grades nine through twelve. The new facility was opened in the fall of 1993. The building is located on 80 acres of land and includes all athletic facilities. Enrollment normally fluctuates around 650 - 715 students. CHS is accredited with the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and holds a First Class commission from the Indiana Department of Education. CHS is a member of the Sagamore Athletic Conference and has served as a model site for many state programs, including the Gifted and Talented Program instituted by the State of Indiana. Classes meet five days a week for fifty minutes each during the seven-period day with a student activity/reading period held once a week for 25 minutes.

The faculty consists of 44 full-time and two part-time teachers, a principal and assistant principal, an athletic director, an aquatic director, two guidance counselors, a school nurse, and a full-time media director. Eighty percent of the staff holds master's degrees. Shared teachers are utilized in music, social studies, and physical education. Four teachers and two aides are provided for special education needs.

The curriculum is designed for both the college bound and vocational students. CHS's commitment toward technology is evident. Students in speech, math, economics, U.S. history, and English use devices to integrate applications software into curriculum projects. An extensive interactive video, distance learning program is available for students and teachers to receive classes and to provide enrichment opportunities. Honors classes are available to academically talented students through an identification process. A High Academic Honors Diploma and an Academic Honors Diploma are also available for those students meeting the necessary requirements. Crawfordsville has National Merit status students. Remediation is provided in academic areas for students that need it.